Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker : Happy After One Year

So i thought, well, hey, i’ll try making my own. And now i’m a converti think what i objected to with the store-bought varieties was the texture – too “slippery” a mouthfeel. I bring the milk to about 190* in the microwave, cool in the sink in a cold water bath to 120*, then add a little of the scalded milk to 1/2 cup of yogurt from a previous batch or a live-cultures store brand – mix it all together and put into the salton. I like it to process 10 hours – it comes out lush and thick and tangy – i then add davinci gourmet sugarfree syrup to it and voila, a delightful concoction. The salton is easy to use, has easily understood instructions, and cleans up easily. It makes a quart at a time instead of those little individual cup thingies that some yogurt makers use. It’s a small enough piece of kitchen gadgetry to tuck away in a cupboard when not in use.

The price on this salton yogurt maker is currently at its lowest, but a few months ago i would have paid three times this amount if i had been able to find it. The problem was that this model was unavailable, removed from manufacture for some unfathomable reason. I ended up getting a yogourmet which, though a quart larger, didn’t justify the price premium. The salton is simpler, more compact, more convenient and faster–and it doesn’t come with gratuitous cheese cloths, thermometers, acidophilus starters. Also, the instructions are far clearer and more helpful than those provided with the yogourmet, though the latter is 3-4 times the price. Unless you’re an absolute yogurt fanatic, constantly whipping up tons of the stuff, the salton is your solution.

The salton yogurt maker is exemplary. Far cheaper than any competition, it works time after time to produce excellent yogurt in a quart-sized container–no messing around with small jars. It seems to be foolproof and is unbelievably easy to use. One bit of advice: it is not necessary to add the powdered milk specified in the recipe packed with the unit.

I just purchased this and made yogurt using easiyo custard style base and culture easiyo custard style vanilla yogurt base and culture, 7-1/2-ounce. I when i purchased the easiyo i thought it was just a starter, but it also is a base as well and you just need to add water. I used it in the salton and left it for about 7 hours and it came out perfect. I’m currently making some yogurt using starter cultures from a previous batch of yogurt. I prefer to scoop some yogurt out and then add fruit to it just before eating it. Some people like the yogurt makers where you make several little jars at a time. I think the yogurt stays creamier when you add the fruit just before eating it. Also, i prefer having to clean one container instead of lots of little jars. Some people complained about a lack of a timer, but i have it in my kitchen and 3 appliances already have timers, so i just set one of them. I highly recommend this product.

This was the best $15 i at any time used. The maker is smaller, fits nicely in any nook of your countertop. It sits there quietly and lets the small yogurt cultures do their career. It appears to be like type of like a modest crock pot. Being lactose intolorent, i could quickly commit $fifteen a 7 days obtaining natural and organic complete goat yogurt. Instead, i bought this tiny attractiveness, invested in some wonderful reculturable yogurt starter, acquire goat milk from a wonderful goat increasing family, and my lifetime is considerably greater for it. As significantly as a reasonably priced kitchen gadget, this a lot more than pays for by itself if you are seriously fascinated in the freshest, healthiest yogurt. It is really only a great minimal contraption.

I eventually gave up on my historical established of yogurt jars when i broke as well quite a few of them. They were not the biggest, and they failed to give foolproof final results, but they did give me fresh and low-cost yogurt. I was a tiny leery of the new salton process due to the fact it did not use the tiny cups, but i figured i could just set the completed yogurt in some recycled marg containers. I was proper the a single-quart method is effective effortlessly and simply. You have yogurt in the space of a working day with a minimum expenditure of time and vitality, and the yogurt is simply outstanding. You heat up a quart of milk to the scalding point, then interesting it again down to a hundred and ten. You add some yogurt starter and put it into the heater for 5 several hours. The program primarily consists of a heater jacket and a plastic bucket that retains the operating yogurt at the suitable heat, until finally you neat it and put it in the fridge. The heater is superbly made to be easy and efficient.

My spouse has been trying to make yogurt for rather some time. She has tried out the oven approach, very careful temperature checking and different other ebook-suggested strategies. I bought her this just one, just as a further technique to tryout. Will the yogurt seem like or have the exact same type of consistency as keep purchased yogurt. But it arrives fairly shut to it. I study some of the assessments declaring that it does not make yogurt like you can buy in the retail outlet. To that i say ‘ you will be making the most of pure yogurt with a lot more nourishment (probiotic). Retail outlet-bought yogurt in fact defeats the total intent of having yogurt with your meal.

I’m on the distinct carbohydrate diet regime to handle food items intolerances, and remaining ready to make 24-hour yogurt is important. I bought this a couple times in the past and just manufactured the best tasting yogurt i have had. Unfortunately simply because i drained off the whey, then enable the rest drip out by way of a lined colander to make creamier, greek style yogurt (you cannot use milk powder to thicken on scd), this maker isn’t going to create really substantially yogurt. But supplied the limits of my pots, drip pans and other gear, a much larger maker would not function, so i’ve just requested a next just one of these. It truly is particularly simple to use, and modest adequate to shop even in my tiny town condominium. Also, i examine a review of just one of the water-loaded makers, and the reviewer pointed out that it receives far too very hot soon after 10 hours, so it wouldn’t function for scd.

  • why buy another appliance when the oven does better?
  • These things were $9.99 just twelve years ago!
  • Better than individual cups by Salton

Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker

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  • Makes up to 1 quart; temperature controlled
  • Power cord storage on the base’s bottom
  • Internal container is freezer-safe
  • Clean container and lid with hot soapy water, base with warm cloth
  • Measures 9 by 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches; 1 year limited warranty

I bought a second salton yogurt maker because the yogurt is so incredibly delicious. I make two quarts at a time now and can’t keep it in the refrigerator because everyone loves it so muchi use freeze-dried yogurt starter with it because of the convenience. I add 1/4 cup of splenda and a tsp or so of pure vanilla extract to the batch and in 8 hours or so, i have the most wonderful yogurt on the planet. I would recommend this unit very highly to everyone who might be interested in making homemade nourishment that is second to none. The health benefits derived from this good substitute for ice cream are manifold. Eat it with your favorite fruits and healthy cereal in the morning for a way to start your day healthfully and deliciously. It’s better than an ice cream sundae. I have no reservations in recommending this unit, and the price is fabulous, too. Buy more than one; you won’t regret it.

My two daughters love vanilla yogurt, but i heartily dislike shelling out $2. 49 or more for a quart of the stuff. When i spotted this yogurt maker as a gold box deal, i decided to try it. It turns out that making yogurt is easy; just follow the included directions. (if you want vanilla yogurt, add about 1/2 cup sugar and about a half-tablespoon of vanilla extract during the cooling-off stage. )as for this device, i recommend it 100%. There are plenty of how-to-make-yogurt pages out there, and they’ll tell you that you don’t need this thing. Perhaps, but it’s a heck of a lot easier using this device than heating pads or the oven method. It’ll pay for itself in short order.

80 for a cup of yogurt when you can make your own easily?. All you need is skim milk, a cup of plain yogurt or powdered starter (healthfood store or mail order) optional dry milk and electricity. If you have kids and they gobble yogurt up by the case, this handly appliance will repay you very quickly. If they insist on cups, save and clean the plastic ones from the store, or get small containers from the housewares department. Put juice-sweetened jam or crushed fruit and honey in the bottom and make home-made treats that are less expensive and have less sugar. If you are using fresh milk, as opposed to the ultra pasturized tetrapacks (like parmalat) you scald the milk to kill enzymes that can prevent the yogurt from forming. The added milk solids make a stiffer yogurt.

I have ordered it about two months back. This is a straightforward equipment, no timers, no switch, just one particular light, plug in and it performs. It has a reminder dial on the best, exactly where you can set the hour. I just microwave milk in a mug and pour it to the container, than microwave one more one particular. Than i permit it sit for twenty minutes to cool down. Though i microwave it, i place 2 table spoons of yogurt into a further mug in purchase to get it to area temperature. Opposite to handbook i clean blueberries, and so on so i can place them to the mix. Soon after twenty minutes i mix almost everything and place it into the yogurt maker. I favor to continue to keep it for a longer time about 8 hours, but in some cases it is only there for 5-6 hrs. I invest in a big container in costco and continue to keep it in the coolest element of fridge. I use organic and natural milk (from costco as properly). I feel the total real work is about five minutes. When i was having it, i was leaning towards yogurt makers with tiny jars.

I purchased this product one particular calendar year in the past based mostly on amazon evaluations and, after some fine tuning of the provided instructions, routinely make yogurt as i get completely ready for operate–as normally as 4 situations each 7 days. I heat the milk in the microwave while i feed the cats, then awesome the sizzling liquid in the refrigerator as i shower, and ultimately mix in the starter yogurt and pop it all in the yogurt maker just before i head out the doorway. I take out the finished merchandise when i come residence for lunch. Even if i allow it prepare dinner all day, i don’t locate the yogurt to be as well tart. Making yogurt with this salton products is easy. I like the substantial container size. The yogurt itself tastes wonderful and has a great texture. I’ve only had two unsuccessful batches all 12 months–cannot keep in mind why now, but most likely my fault. I am shopping for one more salton yogurt maker to give as a reward.

I was sceptical before purchasing this products but it turned out to be a terrific product or service. I have made yogurt 2 times now with excellent regularity (with whole milk and skimmed milk). I use the following method,1. Thoroughly clean all the utensils to be applied. Acquire four cups of milk and mix one/2 cup of instantaneous non fats milk powder in it (for consistency/thickness). Heat the milk mixed in action two to about 190 degree fahrenheit. Permit the milk neat down to 110 degree fahrenheit. Add the yogurt tradition (prior made yogurt) or use half of the yogurt tradition (http://www. Com/yogurt-lifestyle-two-x-5g/dp/b00062ktx0/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_two)six. Carefully combine the tradition into the milk7.

Truly, i tried to give this merchandise a five-star overview, but the fifth star refused to present. As soon as the milk is heated adequately and the yogurt starter is included to the heated milk this item does all the rest with good relieve. I use my have a single-quart mason-sort jar in the product, plug it in, include all with a kitchen area hand towel and allow it incubate for quite a few hrs. Right after the mason jar, covered with its have golden lid and by alone, has then been in the fridge overnight i have a yogurt that is not bitter tasting and that has a easy, custard regularity. I believe the prolonged incubation interval is the secret of my yogurt success. My cats also like my home made yogurt, and when they ever have a tummy/intestinal trouble, the vets convey to us to give them a spoonful of yogurt at every meal until their abdomen/intestinal situ has cleared up. But for protection sake you must examine w/ your vet. This products is so fairly priced at amazon that it is income properly put in.

Wow, just after observing the ‘new’ selling price, i might wished i’d acquired 10 of these (i did obtain two, the 2nd by mistake but now i am grateful. It is simple to make yogurt working with this. I use ultrapasteurized milk and i use it from the carton (i read through that in a critique here and experimented with it and have ongoing to do it this way), i use yogurt for starter, and possibly add a tiny nonfat 50 percent and 50 percent (once again ultrapasteurized) or non-unwanted fat dry milk. If i want to thicken it additional for a extra greek design and style yogurt, i pressure it in a colander lined with coffee filters for about an more hour. Would i pay back the existing price tag. There has to be another comparable device that does this identical detail. Essentially it will work like a crockpot but the temperature is set at i believe a hundred and ten levels. I am amazed this product or service was discontinued and now has come to be a commodity. Shop all-around and see if you can uncover one thing similar. I would make confident that you can locate a yogurt maker that can make a quart at a time. I would have presented it 5 stars but this selling price hike is nuts.

This is my second order of this item (as a gift, and i plan to purchase more for good friends in the foreseeable future) it is the great dimension – i really don’t know if i would have bought the ‘individual servings’ solution. I make a batch every day or two and have had only 1 terrible batch in virtually a calendar year. And then since the starter yogurt was at its expiration day. After that terrible batch, since i invest in the 32 oz. Sizing, i constantly examine the expiration day. To shield the salton plastic container, i warmth the milk/dry milk mix in the microwave in a large pyrex mixing bowl with a handle. When i take the milk out of the microwave, i clear away the yogurt (one/two c. ) from the fridge to bring it to area temp even though the milk is cooling. I also plug in the salton heating unit to warm it up. I use an electronic thermometer – when set, it beeps when the milk is at the correct temperature.

I wanted a one-quart yogurt maker, but couldn’t find one with a glass jar. I finally bought this in april 2009, and immediately swapped the plastic insert for a glass jar. Finding the right size and shape jar isn’t easy, but costco often sells sun-dried tomatoes in a glass jar that is ideal. It fits inside the salton yogurt maker. I’ve bought 3 (fortunately, we love sun-dried tomatoes), emptied them of tomatoes, sterilized the jars, and rotate them for making yogurt. Having done that, i’m very happy with the yogurt maker as we got it at a fairly sensible price of about $24, which i believe is the most anyone should pay for this simple device.  salton ym9 1-quart yogurt maker.

I just took my first bite of yogurt made in my salton yogurt maker and i had to write. Sweetened with a package of splenda, my yogurt is tangy and refreshing, with a fresh taste that i haven’t found in supermarket products. I had been nervous that maybe i wouldn’t like the homemade yogurt as well, but it is a taste revelation. I took the good advice of tossing out the plastic container that came with the yogurt maker, using instead a big ole pickle jar that fit nicely. I sterilized it in boiling water for a few minutes and filled it with some leftover 2% and skim milk and put the jar in the microwave. I really liked that i could carry out the entire procedure all in a single container. For my starter i used the greek style yogurt that you can get at whole foods and some supermarkets. I left the yogurt to incubate overnight, maybe 11 hours and now i have fantastic yogurt.

I bought this yogurt maker over 8 years ago. It gets used 2-3 times every week, and it still works like a charm.

I bought this in all probability five-seven a long time in the past, however functions terrific, like how compact it is, and like the yogurt it reliably would make. I also enjoy that it is one canister, not lots of small jars. My mother wishes a yogurt maker now, so i am searching for a new a single, but it is outrageous to spend the $129 price tag that is outlined at the moment. Salton need to contemplate manufacturing these once more, presented how individuals are having into building their individual foodstuff nowadays. In actuality, my subsequent cease online is to the salton web page to propose it to them. In the meantime, i will purchase the two quart euro delicacies yogurt maker from my local kitchen supply retailer for my mom. This very simple equipment is very well worthy of the $10-15 i paid out for it, but not $one hundred twenty+.

This product does what it says it will as long as you pay back interest to the instructions. Milk temperature is the essential. Incorporating powdered milk allows with the regularity. Never ever appreciated the ‘plain’ retail outlet purchased stuff, but selfmade simple is amazing. I use natural yogurt as the starter. Also use cuisipro donvier yogurt cheese maker for yogurt ‘cream cheese’ which i flavor with fruit and use on toast – yumand you management what you insert to the yogurt. And just freeze it for quick frozen yogurt. This unit is great because you will not have to deal with all of these very little jars. You can also use a quart canning jar in this device. Use plastic screw on lids for your jar.

I enjoy fresh new, homemade yogurt and have manufactured it for a long time utilizing makeshift strategies but only sometimes considering the fact that it was so time consuming and results so unpredictable. In excess of the yrs individuals have provided me other styles of makers that have many containers and so forth but the benefits were as unpredictable as my makeshift strategies:( i observed this maker and loved the notion of currently being ready to use my quart mason jar in a additional predictable manner. . It was the very best gamble i have at any time taken. Considering the fact that i commenced using this maker, my occasional treats of clean yogurt is now a day by day occurence in my dwelling. I make a contemporary batch many times a week and have under no circumstances purchased a starter. Just use the final couple of spoonfulls of the prior batch and voila. The container that will come with the maker is terrific for holding treats like candies or snacks the spoon is a terrific scoop so you don’t have to put your hand in and get a handful of nuts but not significantly helpful for anything at all else. I just use my trusty quart mason jar which fits into the maker properly and goes correct into the fridge. I endorse this maker extremely.

I procured it various weeks ago and have utilised it at minimum every other day. My house built yogurt is really easy and scrumptious, even far better than the business types, i believe. I use four cups of great worth one% body fat milk from walmart and excellent price non extra fat basic yogurt (really superior result, in fact) or a six-oz. Bottle of some natural and organic non unwanted fat plain yogurt from some natural and organic shop (expense like 70 cents, excellent outcome) as my starter. I just want to show that milk and starter do not have to be fancy, inexpensive factors do the task flawlessly with this yogurt maker. I usually use one cup of dry milk (nestle carnation non excess fat dry milk) rather of one/2 cup to get a thick yogurt that i like. I typically leave it for about sixteen-twenty hrs for a tarter taste. It is so a great deal much better than the super-sweet industrial kinds that will not flavor like yogurt.

So why should really i shell out so substantially for keep yogurt when building your personal is so quick?some of the tricks of yogurt to aid you be thriving:one. Cleanliness is future to godliness for any dairy recipe. Microbes or other microorganisms you are inviting to the celebration can make off flavors, goopy final results. Yogurt is thickened commercially with dry powdered milk to increase body to the product or service. American milk from holsteins is thin and missing in protein. Introducing dry powder milk puts back in the casein that sets up to make a pleasant creamy, thick yogurt. Jersey cow milk is bigger in excess fat and protein if you have entry to jersey milk, then you may not want to include dry powdered milk.

The salton ym9 yogurt maker is compact, quick to use and thoroughly clean. I find it performs very best and quickest if professional yogurt with active cultures (this kind of as dannon plain) is employed as the starter and typical milk, rather than dry, is utilised for the base. The ultimate merchandise is sweet and creamy, regardless of warnings that handmade yogurt are unable to rival the texture and consistency of industrial yogurt. This was a great get that i’m pretty delighted with. Note that you are going to require a sweet thermometer or food items thermometer that reads temperatures as minimal as one hundred degrees and as high as a hundred and sixty degrees.

I never cared much for store-bought yogurt because i didn’t want all the sugar in it in my diet, and also because the milk used to make it has anti-biotics and hormones in it. I decided to give this yogurt maker a whirl because i could use organic milk to make it, and polander all-fruit-sweetened spread to flavor it. Both my daughter and i love the results. It tastes so much better than store-bought and is so much healthier. It was not hard to make, either. The only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is, it has a plastic inner liner rather than glass. I called the company to ask if it was a safe plastic to heat food in (after hearing it’s not safe to microwave food in certain plastics as chemicals can leach out). The lady i spoke with assured me the plastic was safe, but could not tell me how she knew that to be true (such as tests were performed and it was safe?). How did i know i could believe her?.That is the only drawback, otherwise; i love this yogurt maker.

I was going to buy this yogurt maker, but after i read a review that said there was no thermostat in this machine, despite what the manufacturer claims (someone actually took it apart and looked) – i decided to do further research. What i found was that i already had everything i needed to make my own yogurt – my oven. My oven has better temperature control and it doesn’t take up counter space. Making yogurt basically involves mixing milk with a “starter” (usually plain, unpasteurized yogurt) and keeping it at a temperature where the “good” bacteria will multiply and turn the rest of the milk into yogurt. Everything needs to be really clean so you don’t introduce “bad” bacteria into the mix. Other methods i had heard about involved scalding the milk and sterilizing the containers and everything else — sounded like a pain. But i found a method that works really well for lazy people like me, with no scalding and no sterilization, and no special equipment:get a quart-size carton of milk and some yogurt, both at room temperature. Open the milk carton, pour some out to make room in the carton, and add 1/2 c. Of plain yogurt with live cultures (like straus creamery or dannon plain yogurt). Close up the carton again, clip shut, and shake it gently to mix up the milk and yogurt.

I’ve had excellent results with this yogurt maker. I average two batches a week, and have enjoyed every batch. I love the large container, which makes so much more sense to me than multiple small containers. I’ve had no problems with consistency, though i recommend using a high-quality yogurt as your starter for best results. The taylor instant-read dial thermometer is a good buy to go along with the salton yogurt maker – you’ll need a thermometer that reads between 110 and 120 degrees. It’s certainly easier to buy yogurt in the store, but if you’re eating more than 2 quarts a week, the salton makes making yogurt at home an economical and fairly easy alternative.

This is how to make fantastic yogurt with the salton ym-9 yogurt maker. I reside in california, so producing fresh yogurt is more simple. California law mandates that liquid milk have to be fortified with non-unwanted fat milk solids, so i can skip the part about including nonfat dry milk to my quart of total milk. The most imporant factors to hold in brain for creating yogurt are(1) all the containers and utensils ought to be extremely cleanse(2) precise temperature measurement is crucial and(three) use a good basic yogurt for starter. I obtained a taylor electronic thermometer with a ‘remote’ (very long wire) probe. This makes properly measuring temperature straightforward. I just set the pot on the stove with one quart of milk, established the temperature alarm for two hundred levels fahrenheit, and give the milk a stir with a wire whisk a couple of instances a minute right up until the alarm states it’s warm adequate. It really is to kill any competing cultures that may well have taken root in the milk. If you happen to be starting up with a freshly-opened pasteurized bottle, one hundred forty levels should perform fine.

I’ve manufactured many batches of yogurt now with this affordable tiny equipment (edit: i’ve kept on producing one-three batches a 7 days due to the fact i got started off, and still give 5 stars), and have had perfect batches each and every time so far. I give it 5 stars simply because it does what it claims it will do–which boils down to trying to keep milk at the right temperature for yogurt germs to do their magic. You nevertheless have to sterilize and amazing the milk you (applying your personal thermometer), and time the processing on your possess. I favored this product for the reason that it manufactured a 1 quart (=one liter) batch of yogurt, rather than quite a few lesser portions. (i just never get that if i want a lesser serving of yogurt, i can dish it up into a scaled-down container. ) the yogurt maker is interesting, but it’s possible they place far too significantly emphasis on appears. The lid is molded so that a sweet plastic scoop nestles into it, with the handle jogging down the plastic container nevertheless use the spoon just as soon as, and you would have to clean it right before returning it to its dock–or depart the yogurt residue on the spoon, uncovered. The spoon will get left in a kitchen drawer, leaving a weirdly shaped yogurt lid on the container. But none of that has any outcome at all on the real yogurt-making of the device.

I created a number of batches of great tasting yogurt working with this device and every a single turned out high-quality. Just about every batch was made utilizing an envelope of starter however which could get highly-priced. I tried out generating a batch with some yogurt established apart from the prior batch but it didn’t change out, i believe i waited much too prolonged and the tradition died. The matter is, you have to use up the starter yogurt within five times and i you should not seriously want to eat a quart of yogurt each and every 5 times. However i can not acquire simple yogurt made up of cultures wherever i are living so in purchase to have some plain yogurt i have to make it myself and use the freeze dried starter. In any case, the yogurt equipment does particularly what it is supposed to do – i used only dry powdered milk and filtered water (as well as lifestyle) and experienced terrific effects. And even while the ‘timer’ on best is rather simplistic, i obtain it very handy to set it to explain to me when i began the batch. Also i like that i can place the interior container with its have lid into the ‘fridge.

This yogurt maker is extremely straightforward to use. I add about 1/three-1/two cup of dry milk powder to one quart of two% milk in a pyrex measuring cup and microwave for around seven one/two minutes to a temperature of 180 levels (no better). Then, i position the measuring cup into a significant bowl of cold drinking water. I continue to keep an eye on it until eventually the temperature of the milk drops to amongst a hundred and 110 levels. Then, i insert one particular six ounce container of basic yogurt (it just needs to be a brand name that has great, lively cultures). Combine it in nicely with the plastic spoon that is bundled. Pour the combine into the yogurt maker and plug it in for about 7 hrs. Pull it out and refrigerate overnight. I divide into my provide of utilized plastic yogurt containers.

I have one but i can’t believe the price went so high. I remember what i paid like twelve years back. Would you believe they were $9. I bought one, liked it and bought a second one for a future use gift. Cheap gift to have on hand when needed. So i clearly remember the price. But after maybe a year and a half every day use, it burned out. So i put my backup into use instead of giving it as a gift. Used it for a few years, stopped making yogurt and still have it.

I purchased the salton ym9 based on the many good customer reviews. I’ve made my own yogurt for years, most recently using another salton product – a 5-jar unit found at a thrift store several years ago – which worked very well. The ym9 was purchased not quite a year ago to replace the 5-jar unit, thinking it would be simpler to use one rather than 5 containers. I found that the ym9 gets so hot that it curdles the yogurt, rather than producing a smooth, consistently set yogurt. Trying it with a mason jar instead of the plastic insert didn’t make a difference; neither did using several different combinations of milk/yogurt starters, and trying to fine tune the incubation time. Possibly i just got a lemon; i finally put the ym9 away and am again using the 5-jar unit, and getting perfect results again.

Just started using this easy yogurt maker last week and i am amazed how easy it is to use. The end results are better than store bought yogurt. To save even more money go to gnc and buy the natural brand(tm) acidophilus 1 billion cfu tablets to use as the starter. Use 2 tablets but you must grind the tablets into a powder form. A coffee/spice grinder works well. Recipe used:* 3 1/2 cups of fat free milk* 1/2 cup fat free evaporated milk* 1/2 cup of powder milk* 2 each acidophilus tablets (add when milk is cooled, follow booklet instructions)this made smooth creamy yogurt. One of the secrets for thicker yogurt is to simmer the milk for 15-20 minutes up to temperature. I have also made soygurt with silk chocolate soy milk but did not use the evaporated milk and it came out perfect. If you go to safeway you’ll find that soy yogurt costs anywhere from $1. Rip off now that one can make this at home. I like adding slice banana’s and a touch of chocolate syrup on top.

The description on this item is a bit deceptive. This is not a frozen yogurt maker. This is only a yogurt incubator. I didn’t come to feel that the guidelines were being hard to realize and i received ideal yogurt the to start with time. I do scald the milk for the reason that i’m feeding this to my baby and i want to make sure that i’m not expanding any microbes that created it into the milk at my house. It will not take a lot for a longer period in any case. I like the container but you might not want to permit tiny youngsters manage it since the lid does not snap on tightly. If you want to make your have yogurt inexpensively, this very little gadget is the way to go.

I have uncovered that this quart yogurt maker produces extra constant yogurt than the product which is made up of specific glass cups. I cover mine with a tea towel to cut down drafting or variations in the exterior temperature and it has normally rewarded me with mouth watering yogurt. My normal recipe consists of minimal extra fat or skim milk but i insert dry nonfat milk for added creaminess and i like the yogurt additional tart, so i are likely to incubate it for the longer time. Relatively than start off with a powdered starter, i get the greek model comprehensive unwanted fat yogurt from trader joe’s (very similar to greek fage yogurt) and reuse a little bit of the selfmade yogurt for the upcoming batch. I do commence with a new bought yogurt each individual 6 to 8 weeks just to freshen matters up. This also creates yogurt which will make outstanding yogurt cheese which is similar to a cream cheese consistency by straining it above cheesecloth in a great mesh strainer in the fridge for a couple times. Be positive to position this around a bowl and test the bowl routinely considering the fact that the liquid will tumble swiftly from the yogurt. I typically use the whey in recipes, as well.

I have been making use of the device for about a few months and it is everything the writeups say it is. I use my microwave w/temp probe to heat the skim milk to one hundred ninety f, add one/4 cup dry milk ability (thickens the finish item), permit it interesting to about 112 f ( or reheat it yet again in the microwave if i get distracted, combine in 8 oz. Yogurt (saved from final batch), then place in ym9 for five hrs. When performed i stir, pull off the starter for the up coming batch, transfer to an airtight container. I’m going to swap to a one quart extensive mouth ball canning jar at the time i find a plastic cap to use somewhat then the two piece metallic lids. That way i can have numerous batches in system at the very same time. Can make eight oz serving for about $. 30 about 1/three the charge of the shop purchased versions. I imagined i wished a unit with the tiny person cups, but now that i have carried out it for awhile, i would have come to be annoyed with all the fuss with the seven tiny containers.

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  1. I have it over 10 years, very happy with it, make excellent yogurt, thanks.
  2. Suprised this model is still in production. Was looking for the manual and it popped up. Mine is 20 years old and working right now. Simple, no frills but works.
    1. Suprised this model is still in production. Was looking for the manual and it popped up. Mine is 20 years old and working right now. Simple, no frills but works.

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